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Children of Man (ft. An Unhappy, Bloody End)

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I wanted to get this model closer to completion before I made a post about it. I’ve been working on a model of Olivia Mann from the TF2 Comics for use in SFM.

The model is rigged but as an SMD and not a DMX. My plan is to get her working in the newer format so that she supports HWM when I inevitably release her :)

Stay tuned~

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Sorry for no robots.

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Open request for requests

Anyone got any requests for robots or pictures for when SFM decides it wants to work next?

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Thumb-foot Thursdays.

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I have no clue if you take requests, but I have a very nice... Cool... Kind of idea if you want to do it idk Real Steel TF2 with RED Robo Heavy ( Zeus) Vs BLU Robo Scout ( Atom) I m n o t g o o d a t a s k I n g p e o p l e f o r S t u f f Idk
euphoric-gas-mask asked



I’m gonna be honest and say that I’ve never actually watched real steel. I hope this doesn’t deviate too far from what you wanted?

I would have made a picture featuring actual combat between these two guys but trying to reload the session I made them in was crashing sfm.

Also anyone should feel free to pop in a request for a picture but keep in mind I have next to no post-processing skills.

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Tall pictures

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SFM and photoshop haven’t been working right for quite some time so here’s some stuff I’d have liked to have had in a larger set but can’t for now.

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Pow pow boom beep.